Introducing InquiCalc 2.0

InquiCalc graphing calculator software for Windows offers the power of a graphing calculator at only a fraction of the price.

Starts at only $29; volume discounts available Download the free trial.


  • Create professional-looking graphs for tests, worksheets, presentations, and more. Adding graphs to most documents is as simple as copying and pasting.
  • Graph any of the following and more, all from one straightforward interface.
  • polar & parametric curves
  • piecewise-defined functions
  • conic sections
  • slope fields
  • inequalities
  • XY scatterplots
graph example


  • Work smarter and faster with InquiCalc's innovative interface. Tired of digging through layers of menus? Access any built-in function from the main screen, and find roots and intersections faster than ever before.
  • Frustrated by parentheses errors in complicated expressions? Start matching up parentheses correctly with InquiCalc's color-coded parentheses assistant.
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