InquiCalc has been replaced by GraphFree, a free web application.

After careful consideration, I’ve decided that the best way to make InquiCalc a viable long-term endeavor is to replace it with a web application. Its replacement, found at, builds on InquiCalc’s best graphing features. And since it’s now web-based, I’ll be able to release new features much more easily.

What if I already bought InquiCalc?

First of all, thank you!

If you bought InquiCalc for the graphing functions, you’ll probably be quite happy to switch to GraphFree, especially as I add new features going forward. For other issues, I’ll still try to do what’s right and help you for as long as I reasonably can, though I will have to stop supporting the legacy software eventually. If you need help, you may e-mail me at .

Donovan Harshbarger,
InquiSoft owner

What can I do with GraphFree?

Try GraphFree Now

Graph piecewise functions quickly and easily, complete with open and closed endpoint symbols.

Plot polar functions using polar or cartesian grids, or even enter individual points in polar coordinates.

Plot conic sections and other implicity defined functions using the implicit plot type.

Add horizontal, vertical, and slant asymptotes to any graph.

Plot slope fields for calculus. How many other programs do that?

Plot multiple functions on the same graph, and even shade between them—perfect for area between curves in calculus.

Automatically generate sensible labels in terms of π for trigonometric graphs.

Graph parametric curves, including direction arrows.

Add axis labels, captions, and legends for better scientific plots.

Plot intervals on number lines, complete with endpoints.

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